ranches for sale


This page displays every farm and ranch property currently listed by Clark & Associates across Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, and Colorado.


Ranches in Wyoming for Sale

Running Creek Farm

648 Irrigated Acres Under 4 Pivots
712 Acres Native Grass Pasture
1,360± Total Contiguous Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Farm for Sale in Bog Hron County WY

Burlington Irrigated Farm

303± Flood Irrigated Acres
75± Sub-Irrigated Pasture Acres
360± Native Badlands Acres
738± Total Deeded Acres
Burlington, Wyoming

Contiguous Acre Ranch for Sale in Waltman WY

Carlson Waltman Ranch

4,167.789± Deeded Acres
1,280± BLM Acres
440± State Lease Acres
5,887.79± Total Acres
Waltman, Wyoming
Price Reduced to $1,535,000

Ranch for Sale in Upton WY

Lonetree Ranch

31,551± Deeded Acres
1,920± State Lease Acres
3,400± Forest Service Acres
5,687± BLM Lease Acres
42,558± Total Acres
Upton, Wyoming

Cattle Company for Sale in Glendo Wyoming

CK Cattle Company

16,461± Deeded Acres
2,640± State Lease Acres
681± BLM Lease Acres
19,782± Total Acres
Glendo, Wyoming

Grass Ranch for Sale in WY

Canyon View Ranch

17,992± Deeded Acres
880± State Lease Acres
18,872± Total Acres
LaGrange, Wyoming

Cattlemens Grass Ranch for Sale in WY

Deer Haven Ranch

7,260± Deeded Acres
480± State Lease Acres
440± BLM Lease Acres
8,180± Total Acres
LaGrange, Wyoming

Deeded Acre Ranch for Sale in Pine Bluffs Wyoming

Diamond K Ranch

400± Under-Pivot Acres
1,828 Dry Land Acres
2,228± Total Deeded Acres
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Grazing Acreage for Sale in Waltman WY

RB Waltman Ranch

622.36± Total Grazing Acres
Waltman, Wyoming

Ranch for Sale In Wyoming 4

Deer Creek Ranch

8,280 Acres, Heavy Timber,  Live Water
Casper, Wyoming

Ranch for Sale in Wyoming

Y-6 Ranch

1,396± Pivot/Gravity Irrigated Acres
17,445 Pasture Land Acres
19,781± Total Acres
Meriden, Wyoming

Deeded Acre Land for Sale in Lusk WY

JSZ Farm & Ranch

64.46 Under-Pivot Acres
1,133.66± Native Grass Acres
1,198.12± Deeded Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Teepee Ring Ranch

2,160 Acres in the Heart of Elk Country
Wheatland, Wyoming

Wyoming ranch For Sale

Rim Rock Livestock

5,667± Deeded Acres
1,570± BLM Lease Acres
7,237± Total Contiguous Acres
Mills, Wyoming

Well Watered Land for Sale in Lusk Wyoming

Hat Creek Breaks Ranch

3,043± Total Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Feedlot for Sale in Wyoming

Jarrard Feed Lot

28 Acres Under Pivot
24 Acres Flood-Irrigated
144.96± Acres Grazing
196.96± Total Deeded Acres
Riverton, Wyoming

Ranch For Sale in Douglas Wyoming

Y-Knot Ranch

7,138.04± Deeded Acres
1,197.71± State of WY Lease Acres
80± BLM Lease Acres
8,415.75± Total Acres
Douglas, Wyoming
$7,600,000 *UNDER CONTRACT*

Pivot Land for Sale in Lusk Wyoming

Kremers Pivot

162± Contiguous Deeded Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Ranch for Sale in Glendo Wyoming

Meadowdale Ranch

4,710± Deeded Acres
320± BLM Lease Acres
640± State of WY Lease Acres
5,670± Total Acres
Glendo, Wyoming

Cheyenne River Ranch

10,384± Acres With Live Water
Newcastle, Wyoming
  Price Reduced to $4,150,000

Pasture for Sale in Hulett Wyoming

Buck Creek Pasture

240± Acres
Hulett, Wyoming

Muleshoe Land & Cattle

5,530.53± Grass Pasture Deeded Acres
693± Pivot-Irrigated Acres
6,223.53± Total Deeded Acres
Torrington, Wyoming

Residential Land for Sale in WY

Hackamore Ranch

105± Irrigated Acres
84± Pivot Acres
189± Total Acres
Torrington, Wyoming

Land for Sale in Wheatland Wyoming

Dwyer Pivots

305± Acres Under Two Pivots
149± Pasture Acres
454± Acres
Wheatland, Wyoming

Luxury Ranch For Sale In Wyoming

Muleshoe Ranch

3936± Acres Grassland Pasture
175±  Acres Under Center Pivot Irrigation
50± Flood Irrigated Acres
4,161± Total Acres
$100k Annual Passive ROI
Wheatland, Wyoming
Price Reduced from $6,500,000 to $5,500,000

Ranch for sale in Wheatland WY

Gudahl Ranch

865± Deeded Acres
436± State of WY Lease Acres
1,301± Total Acres
Wheatland, Wyoming

Property for Sale in Wyoming

Heart Mountain Pivot Farm

234± Pivot-Irrigated Acres
191± Pasture Acres
4± Acres w/ Improvements
429.44± Total Deeded Acres
Powell, Wyoming

Wyoming Ranches for sale 4

Sybille Canyon Ranch

4,751 Acres in Sybille Canyon
Albany County, Wyoming

Hunting Ranch for Sale in Wyoming

OX Ranch

9,040± Total Contiguous Acres
Wildlife Paradise & Desirable Cattle Ranch
Wheatland, Wyoming

wyoming ranches for sale

N Platte Fly Fishing Ranch

10 Miles of World Class River Trout Fishing
Casper, Wyoming

ranch for sale in wyoming 6

Marton Ranch

69,550 Acres With River Frontage
Casper, Wyoming


ranch for sale in wyoming 8

Cave Springs Ranch

2,720 Acres For Outdoor Enthusiast
Newcastle, Wyoming


Productive South Dakota ranches for sale.


Ranch for Sale in Butte County SD

Landmark Ranch

7,363.78± Deeded Acres
400± BLM Lease Acres
7,924± Acres
Newell, South Dakota

Christofferson Property

240 Acres With Improvements
Spearfish, South Dakota
Price Reduced to $1,260,000

Ranch for Sale in Box Elder South Dakota

22203 Brehm Road

1,000± Grass Pasture Acres
160± Crop Land Acres
1,163± Deeded Acres
Box Elder, South Dakota

South Dakota Ranch for Sale

Mellberg Homestead Ranch

320± Deeded Acres in the Black Hills
Sturgis, South Dakota
Reduced Price $1,150,000

Acreage for Sale in South Dakota

Hunsaker Acreage

70± Acres With Beautiful Improvements
Fairburn, South Dakota

South Dakota Ranch for Sale

Hunsaker Ranch

210± Acres With Beautiful Improvements
Fairburn, South Dakota
Price Reduced to $1,450,000

Ranch for Sale in Newell South Dakota

Haystack Butte Ranch

13,794± Deeded Acres
636± State of SD Lease Acres
996± BLM Lands Acres
15,426± Total Acres
Newell, South Dakota


Productive farms and ranches for sale in Nebraska.


Fenced Acreage for Sale in Nebraska

McNamee 960

640 Deeded Acres
320 State of NE Acres
960 Total Acres
Potter, Nebraska

Ranch for Sale in Nebraska

Blake Property

25.7± Acres Under Pivot
30.2± Flood-Irrigated Acres
119.8± Grass Pasture Acres
176.5± Total Acres
Mitchell, Nebraska

Hunting Property for sale in Nebraska

Box Butte Creek Hunting

680 Acres of Hunting and Fishing Ground
Alliance, Nebraska
Price Reduced from $1,650,000 to $1,475,000

Deeded Acre Ranch for Sale in Nebraska

JA Ranch

1,914± Deeded Acres
Split into 3 Different Pastures
Harrison, Nebraska

Lerwick CRP

323± Deeded Acres
Annual CRP payment- $10,301
Bushnell, Kimball County, Nebraska

Property for sale in Nebraska Eitel

Eitel CRP Section

640 Acre Investment Property
Bushnell, Nebraska

Pasture for Sale in Harrison Nebraska

Martin’s Trail Pasture

720± Acres
Harrison, Nebraska

Land for Sale in Nebraska

Highland West Grass Pasture

1,659± Deeded Acres
Bushnell, Nebraska

Nebraska Ranches for sale

Long Canyon Ranch

1,060 Acres with 3,575 sq ft Home
Harrisburg, Nebraska


Productive ranches for sale in Montana.


Agricultural Ranch for Sale in Billings Montana

Pryor Creek Ranch

2,618± Tillable Cropland Acres
1,265± Steady Cash-Flowing CRP Acres
3,670± Grass Pasture Acres
7,583.75± Total Acres
Billings, Montana

Montana Land for Sale

Cracker Box Creek Ranch

538± Irrigated Acres
440± Pasture Acres
35± Grazing Acres
1,013±  Total Acres
Glendive, Montana

Big Horn River Recreation

223 Acres River Investment Property
St Xavier, Montana

Lodge with Acreage for Sale in Bozeman MT

Trail Creek Ranch

8,100± Deeded Acres
Beautiful 2,000± Sq. Ft. Lodge
Bozeman, Montana
$Contact Broker for Details$

Property for Sale in Montana

Spring Bench Irrigated Farm

189 Flood Irrigated Acres
40± Pasture Acres
228± Total Acres
Glendive, Montana

Land for Sale in Montana

FA Tongue River Ranch

14,732± Deeded Acres
700± State of Montana Lease Acres
1,830± BLM Lease Acres
17,262± Total Acres
Miles City, Montana
Reduced Price $12,500,000

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Schaak Production Farm

2,598± Deeded Acre Farm with Improvements
Hardin, Montana

montana ranches land for sale

Phipps South Unit

8,655± Contiguous Acres of Grassland
Ingomar, Montana


Productive ranches for sale in North Dakota.


ranches for sale in north dakota

Whitetail Creek Ranch

3,680± Deeded Acres
640± State of ND Lease Acres
7,000± Federal Lease Acres
11,320± Acres With Improvements
Fairfield, North Dakota