ranches for sale


This page displays every farm and ranch property currently listed by Clark & Associates across Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, and Colorado.


Wyoming Pastures for Sale

Roundup Road Pasture

638± Grass-Covered Deeded Acres
Rolling Hills, Wyoming

Well Watered Land for Sale in Lusk Wyoming

Hat Creek Breaks Ranch

3,043± Total Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Wyoming Ranches for Sale

Running Creek Farm

648 Irrigated Acres Under 4 Pivots
712 Acres Native Grass Pasture
1,360± Total Contiguous Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Mills Home Ranch

26,108.12± Deeded Acres
4,125.08± State of WY Lease Acres
6,420.37 BLM Lease Acres
36,653.57± Total Acre Ranch
Casper, WY
*Shown By Appointment Only*

Ranch for Sale In Wyoming 4

Deer Creek Ranch

8,280 Acres, Heavy Timber,  Live Water
Casper, Wyoming
Reduced Price $1,800,000

Ranch for Sale in Glendo Wyoming

Meadowdale Ranch

4,411± Deeded Acres
320± BLM Lease Acres
640± State of WY Lease Acres
5,371± Total Acres
Glendo, Wyoming
Price Reduced $3,525,000

Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Goshen Irrigated Horse Property

35.7± Acres
Yoder, Wyoming

Farms for Sale in Wyoming

Mill Iron Farm

144.86± Acres
Prime for Future Development
Riverton, Wyoming

Wyoming Ranches for Sale

The Hideaway Ranch

2,500± Deeded Acres
Oshoto, Wyoming

Farms for Sale in Wyoming

Zavorka Farm

32± Acres with a 1,456 Sq. Ft. Farmhouse
Torrington, Wyoming

Wyoming Ranch for Sale

Willey Ranch

4,718± Deeded Acres
Hulett, Wyoming

Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Cow Camp Ranch

315± Deeded Acres
420± Private Lease Acres
160± BLM Lease Acres
895± Total Acres
Laramie, Wyoming

Farm for Sale in Bog Hron County WY

Burlington Irrigated Farm

303± Flood Irrigated Acres
75± Sub-Irrigated Pasture Acres
360± Native Badlands Acres
738± Total Deeded Acres
Burlington, Wyoming

Contiguous Acre Ranch for Sale in Waltman WY

Carlson Waltman Ranch

4,167.789± Deeded Acres
1,280± BLM Acres
440± State Lease Acres
5,887.79± Total Acres
Waltman, Wyoming
Price Reduced to $1,535,000

Wyoming Ranches for Sale

Lonetree Ranch

31,551± Deeded Acres
1,920± State Lease Acres
3,400± Forest Service Acres
5,687± BLM Lease Acres
42,558± Total Acres
Upton, Wyoming

Cattle Company for Sale in Wyoming

CK Cattle Company

16,461± Deeded Acres
2,640± State Lease Acres
681± BLM Lease Acres
19,782± Total Acres
Glendo, Wyoming

Grass Ranch for Sale in WY

Canyon View Ranch

17,992± Deeded Acres
880± State Lease Acres
18,872± Total Acres
LaGrange, Wyoming

Cattlemens Grass Ranch for Sale in WY

Deer Haven Ranch

7,260± Deeded Acres
480± State Lease Acres
440± BLM Lease Acres
8,180± Total Acres
LaGrange, Wyoming

Deeded Acre Ranch for Sale in Pine Bluffs Wyoming

Diamond K Ranch

400± Under-Pivot Acres
1,828 Dry Land Acres
2,228± Total Deeded Acres
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

Grazing Acreage for Sale in Waltman WY

RB Waltman Ranch

622.36± Total Grazing Acres
Waltman, Wyoming

Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Y-6 Ranch

1,396± Pivot/Gravity Irrigated Acres
17,445 Pasture Land Acres
19,781± Total Acres
Meriden, Wyoming

Farm for Sale in Wyoming

JSZ Farm & Ranch

64.46 Under-Pivot Acres
1,133.66± Native Grass Acres
1,198.12± Deeded Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Wyoming ranch For Sale

Rim Rock Livestock

5,667± Deeded Acres
1,570± BLM Lease Acres
7,237± Total Contiguous Acres
Mills, Wyoming

Feedlot for Sale in Wyoming

Jarrard Feed Lot

28 Acres Under Pivot
24 Acres Flood-Irrigated
144.96± Acres Grazing
196.96± Total Deeded Acres
Riverton, Wyoming

Land for Sale in Wyoming

Kremers Pivot

162± Contiguous Deeded Acres
Lusk, Wyoming

Cheyenne River Ranch

10,384± Acres With Live Water
Newcastle, Wyoming
  Price Reduced to $4,150,000

Pasture for Sale in Hulett Wyoming

Buck Creek Pasture

240± Acres
Hulett, Wyoming

Muleshoe Land & Cattle

5,530.53± Grass Pasture Deeded Acres
693± Pivot-Irrigated Acres
6,223.53± Total Deeded Acres
Torrington, Wyoming

Residential Land for Sale in Wyoming

Hackamore Ranch

84± Pivot Irrigated Acres
24± Flood Irrigated Acres
81± Grazing Acres/Improvements
189± Total Acres
Torrington, Wyoming

Land for Sale in Wheatland Wyoming

Dwyer Pivots

305± Acres Under Two Pivots
149± Pasture Acres
454± Acres
Wheatland, Wyoming

Luxury Ranch For Sale In Wyoming

Muleshoe Ranch

3936± Acres Grassland Pasture
175±  Acres Under Center Pivot Irrigation
50± Flood Irrigated Acres
4,161± Total Acres
$100k Annual Passive ROI
Wheatland, Wyoming
Price Reduced from $6,500,000 to $5,500,000

Ranch for sale in Wheatland WY

Gudahl Ranch

865± Deeded Acres
436± State of WY Lease Acres
1,301± Total Acres
Wheatland, Wyoming

Property for Sale in Wyoming

Heart Mountain Pivot Farm

234± Pivot-Irrigated Acres
191± Pasture Acres
4± Acres w/ Improvements
429.44± Total Deeded Acres
Powell, Wyoming

ranch for sale in wyoming 8

Cave Springs Ranch

2,720 Acres For Outdoor Enthusiast
Newcastle, Wyoming

ranch for sale in wyoming 6

Marton Ranch

69,550 Acres With River Frontage
Casper, Wyoming

Hunting Ranch for Sale in Wyoming

OX Ranch

9,040± Total Contiguous Acres
Wildlife Paradise & Desirable Cattle Ranch
Wheatland, Wyoming

wyoming ranches for sale

N Platte Fly Fishing Ranch

10 Miles of World Class River Trout Fishing
Casper, Wyoming

Wyoming Ranches for sale 4

Sybille Canyon Ranch

4,751 Acres in Sybille Canyon
Albany County, Wyoming


Productive South Dakota ranches for sale.


South Dakota Ranches for Sale

Perkins County Cropland

320± Deeded Acres
Perkins County, South Dakota

South Dakota Ranch for Sale

Hunsaker Ranch

210± Acres With Beautiful Improvements
Fairburn, South Dakota
Price Reduced to $1,450,000

Ranches for Sale in South Dakota

Haystack Butte Ranch

13,794± Deeded Acres
636± State of SD Lease Acres
996± BLM Lands Acres
15,426± Total Acres
Newell, South Dakota

Ranch for Sale in Butte County SD

Landmark Ranch

7,363.78± Deeded Acres
400± BLM Lease Acres
7,924± Acres
Newell, South Dakota

Christofferson Property

240 Acres With Improvements
Spearfish, South Dakota
Price Reduced to $1,260,000

Ranch for Sale in Box Elder South Dakota

22203 Brehm Road

1,000± Grass Pasture Acres
160± Crop Land Acres
1,163± Deeded Acres
Box Elder, South Dakota

South Dakota Ranch for Sale

Mellberg Homestead Ranch

320± Deeded Acres in the Black Hills
Sturgis, South Dakota
Reduced Price $1,150,000

Acreage for Sale in South Dakota

Hunsaker Acreage

70± Acres With Beautiful Improvements
Fairburn, South Dakota


Productive farms and ranches for sale in Nebraska.


Ranches for Sale in Nebraska

Garden County Ranch

1,920± Deeded Acres
640± State of NE Lease Acres
2,560± Total Acres
Lewellen, Nebraska

Ranch for Sale in Nebraska

Blake Property

25.7± Acres Under Pivot
30.2± Flood-Irrigated Acres
119.8± Grass Pasture Acres
176.5± Total Acres
Mitchell, Nebraska

Ranches for Sale in Nebraska

JA Ranch

1,914± Deeded Acres
Split into 3 Different Pastures
Harrison, Nebraska

Lerwick CRP

323± Deeded Acres
Annual CRP payment- $10,301
Bushnell, Kimball County, Nebraska

Property for sale in Nebraska Eitel

Eitel CRP Section

640 Acre Investment Property
Bushnell, Nebraska

Land for Sale in Nebraska

Martin’s Trail Pasture

720± Acres
Harrison, Nebraska

Land for Sale in Nebraska

Highland West Grass Pasture

1,659± Deeded Acres
Bushnell, Nebraska


Productive ranches for sale in Montana.


Property for Sale in Montana

Spring Bench Irrigated Farm

60± Flood Irrigated Acres
40± Pasture Acres
100± Total Acres
Glendive, Montana

Montana Land for Sale

Cracker Box Creek Ranch

538± Irrigated Acres
440± Pasture Acres
35± Grazing Acres
1,013±  Total Acres
Glendive, Montana

Agricultural Ranch for Sale in Billings Montana

Pryor Creek Ranch

2,618± Tillable Cropland Acres
1,265± Steady Cash-Flowing CRP Acres
3,670± Grass Pasture Acres
7,583.75± Total Acres
Billings, Montana

Ranches for Sale in Montana

Schaak Production Farm

2,598± Deeded Acre Farm with Improvements
Hardin, Montana

Land for Sale in Montana

FA Tongue River Ranch

14,732± Deeded Acres
700± State of Montana Lease Acres
1,830± BLM Lease Acres
17,262± Total Acres
Miles City, Montana
Reduced Price $12,500,000

Big Horn River Recreation

223 Acres River Investment Property
St Xavier, Montana


Productive ranches for sale in North Dakota.


North Dakota Ranches for Sale

Volk Ranch

4,480± Contiguous Acres
Sentinel Butte, North Dakota


ranches for sale in north dakota

Whitetail Creek Ranch

3,680± Deeded Acres
640± State of ND Lease Acres
7,000± Federal Lease Acres
11,320± Acres With Improvements
Fairfield, North Dakota
Price Reduced $5,500,000