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Ranches for Sale in Montana

Crow Creek Ranch

650± Flood-Irrigated Acres
10,000± Deeded Acres
Excellent Improvements & Live Water
20,000± Total Acres
Broadus, Powder River County,  Montana
Price Reduced to $12,000,000

Wyoming ranches for sale

Haines Road Farm

115± Pivot Irrigated Acres
15± Flood Irrigated Acres
5 BD/3 BA Home w/ 6,304 sq ft of Living Space
160± Total Acres
Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming

Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Ridge Pasture

955± Total Deeded Acres
Lingle, Goshen County, Wyoming
Price Reduced to $975,000

Nebraska ranches for sale

Deganhart Ranch

Turn-Key Contiguous Grass Ranch
Excellent Improvements
2,812± Deeded Acres
Harrison, Sioux County, Nebraska

Wyoming ranches for sale

Wyo Land & Cattle Company Parcels

39± – 700± Deeded Acre Options
Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming
$95,000 – $1,400,000

Wyo ranches and land for sale

Wyo Land & Cattle Company Option #10

700± Deeded Acres
Lusk, Niobrara County, Wyoming

Ranches for sale in Nebraska

Banner County Acreage

10± Total Deeded Acres
3 BD/2 BA Home w/ Improvements
Harrisburg, Banner County, Nebraska

Nebraska ranches for sale

Tripple Farm

123± Irrigated Acres
33± Farm Ground Acres
156.12± Total Acres
Gering, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska

Ranches for sale in Nebraska

Banner-Kimball Farm

952.67± Farm Ground Acres
560.14± Certified Organic Acres
71.09± Grass Acres
1,583.9± Total Acres
Banner & Kimball Counties, Nebraska
Price Reduced to $1,504,705 OR $950/acre

Ranches for Sale in Colorado

Red Willow 320

320± Deeded Acres
Dry Land Farming & Grazing
Yuma, Yuma County, Colorado
Price Reduced to $370,000

Montana Ranches for sale

Crooked Creek Ranch

800± Irrigated Acres
9,960± Deeded Acres
640± State of MT Acres
620± BLM Lease Acres
12,020± Total Acres
Broadus, Powder River County, Montana

Wyoming ranches for sale

Imig Irrigated Farm

150± Pivot Irrigated Acres
224± Side Roll/Flood Irrigated Acres
56± Improvement Acres
430± Total Acres
Hawk Springs, Goshen County, Wyoming

Residential Ranches for sale in Wyoming

The Wade Acreage

2.86± Total Acres
3 BD/3 BA Home with Improvements
Torrington, Goshen County, Wyoming

Wyoming Ranches for sale

Prairie Center Ranch

1,361± Deeded Acres
Torrington, Goshen County, Wyoming
Price Reduced to $1,020,750 or $750/acre

Ranches for sale in Wyoming

Big Horn River Acreage

192± Total Deeded Acres
Basin, Big Horn County, Wyoming

Wyoming ranches for sale

949 Lower Sussex Road

40± Deeded Acres
4 BD/3 BA  2,052 Sq. Ft. Home
Kaycee, Johnson County, Wyoming

South Dakota Ranches for Sale

Turkey Track Ranch

3,080± Deeded Acres
3,318± State Lease Acres
6,398± Total Acres
12 Miles of Grand River
Home, Barns, Corrals, Arena, Feedlot
Lemmon, Perkins County, South Dakota
Price Reduced to $6,790,000

Nebraska ranches for sale

Paetow Farm

70.710± Total Deeded Acres
Multiple Improvements
Morrill, Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska